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Diabetes Speciality Clinics

Diabetes in Young Clinic

The prevalence of diabetes is rising and more and more people are getting diabetes at a younger age (less than forty years of age). It has been seen that young adults with diabetes often report dissatisfaction with care. They also have poor diabetes-related health outcomes. Group-Based care can be a more sustainable approach than one to one consultation in young patients. 

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Nearly 5- 10 percent of pregnancies in India are affected by gestational diabetes annually and it affects millions of women globally. Gestational diabetes can lead to adverse outcomes for the mother as well as the baby. However, with good glycemic control, the pregnant woman can have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. The aim of the treatment is to keep blood sugar levels as normal as possible with the help of diet, exercise, and medications. The target blood sugar levels during pregnancy are different from a nonpregnant state. The target blood sugar levels are, before a meal– 92 mg/dl or less, one hour after a meal–140 mg/dl or less and two hours after a meal–120 mg/dl or less


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