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Foot Care

Here's how we can help you prioritize
foot care:

Comprehensive Foot Examinations:
We emphasize regular foot examinations for individuals with diabetes to identify any
signs of neuropathy, vascular impairment, or other foot-related complications. These
examinations help us detect potential problems at an early stage and implement
appropriate interventions to prevent the development or progression of foot ulcers.

Education on Foot Care:
We believe in the power of education to empower you to take proactive measures for
foot care. Our team will provide in-depth education on proper foot hygiene, nail care,
and the importance of wearing appropriate footwear. We'll guide you on inspecting your
feet regularly, identifying potential issues, and seeking prompt medical attention for any
abnormalities or concerns. By equipping you with knowledge, we aim to reduce the risk
of foot complications.

Prevention and Risk Reduction:
Preventing foot ulcers and amputations is a primary goal of our foot care approach.
We'll assess your individual risk factors, such as neuropathy, peripheral arterial disease,
and foot deformities. This may include recommendations for wearing cushioned and
supportive footwear, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, practicing regular physical
activity, and addressing any underlying medical conditions that can affect foot health.

Regular Follow-Up and Monitoring:
To ensure ongoing foot health and prevention of complications, we recommend regular
follow-up visits. During these appointments, we'll assess your foot sensation, circulation,
and any changes in foot structure. We'll also review your foot care routine, address any
concerns or questions you may have, and make adjustments to your treatment plan as


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