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Psycho-Sexual Health

Sexual dysfunction can have multiple causes, and it may lead to psychological distress. We are here to provide support, guidance, and interventions to address these concerns. Here's how we can help

Understanding Sexual Dysfunction:
We recognize that sexual dysfunction can significantly affect your quality of life and
overall well-being. Our healthcare professionals will work with you to understand the
underlying causes of sexual dysfunction related to diabetes. We'll provide education on
how diabetes can impact sexual function and discuss the various factors that may
contribute to these issues.

Comprehensive Assessment:
To address your psycho-sexual health concerns, we'll conduct a comprehensive
assessment that takes into account both physical and psychological factors. Our team
will discuss your medical history, evaluate any hormonal imbalances, assess nerve
function, and explore potential psychological contributors to sexual dysfunction. This
thorough assessment helps us develop an individualized treatment plan tailored to your
specific needs.

Treatment Options:
We offer a range of treatment options to address sexual dysfunction related to diabetes.
Our healthcare professionals will discuss these options with you, taking into
consideration your preferences and overall health. Treatment may include lifestyle
modifications, medication adjustments, counseling, and referral to specialized
healthcare providers, such as sexual health therapists or endocrinologists with expertise
in sexual health.

Psychological Support:
We understand that sexual dysfunction can lead to psychological distress. Our team is
equipped to provide counseling and support to help you navigate the emotional aspects
of sexual dysfunction. We'll address any concerns, fears, or anxieties you may have and
offer strategies to improve self-esteem, communication, and intimacy within your

Confidentiality and Respect:
We prioritize creating a safe and supportive environment for discussing psycho-sexual
health concerns. Your privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us. We
ensure that all discussions and treatments related to sexual health are conducted with
the utmost respect and sensitivity.

At the Centre for Diabetes, we are dedicated to addressing the psycho-sexual health
needs of individuals with diabetes. Through understanding, comprehensive
assessments, treatment options, psychological support, collaboration with healthcare
providers, and a commitment to confidentiality, we strive to help you navigate and
overcome the challenges related to sexual dysfunction, promoting your overall well-
being and satisfaction..

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